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03.03.2016 - New look and new features!

We performed a complete overhaul of your website in order to offer a new look and several new features. Among them, the article related display will allow you to easily find everything you need.
Please note that the site was designed to be viewed on smartphones and tablet.

18.12.2015 - Following the success of the sale of EQUIPMENT ILFORD, we were mandated by MIC - Marly Innovation Center to sell EQUIPMENT laboratories CIBA GEIGY

Sell: laboratory bench, scales, glassware, electronic microscopes, X-ray spectrometer, magnetic stirrers, water baths, PH meter, densitometers, cryogenic tanks, ...

15.07.2014 - Obtaining a contract for a year and a half as part of the bankruptcy of the company ILFORD Matran

Sell : machine tools, measuring instruments, hoists, engines, vehicles, elevators, ...

01.07.2014 - Creating the entity EQUIPMENT Pro

Purpose : sale of new and used EQUIPMENT. OKAZPro only sell used machinery

01.01.2007 - Sale of machines within the company MIAUTON SA

20.04.2004 - Opening a new business, sales and business transfers

08.04.2004 - Publication of an article in the Swiss Market of Machines - MSM(see article)

15.08.2003 - Conclusion of partnership agreements with different companies

To offer a wider choice of products and serve you faster OKAZ Pro has partnership agreements with other companies.

21.07.2003 - Improving our database

To better serve you, we realized a database that allows you to select our products by industry, designation, supplier and kind.
In addition, we optimized viewing photos.

01.07.2003 - Creation of the company OKAZ Pro and implementation of the service website: www.okaz-pro.ch

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