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Article N° : 1086

Type : AC-LB-004

Status : 6.0 New

Remarks :
This stainless steel boot washer does not need electricity. Ideal for small businesses as well as the agricultural sector, due to the optional addition of detergent. We recommend the Agro boot washer for use by max. 1 to 3 people per day.

The boot washer cleans the soles of boots and their uppers without squirting. This makes it possible to clean the boots conveniently, quickly and thoroughly. The boot washer is ideal for small construction sites, black-and-white areas, landfills, wastewater treatment plants as well as for agriculture.

For installation
With 1/2 "water connection
Stable and non-slip
Complete with 5 brushes and a dusting grid
Stainless steel
Easy to clean with water
By adding cleaning and disinfection solutions (at the push of a button), the importation of pathogens into stables can be avoided (330 cm3 of disinfectant / min)
No need for electricity.
The boot washer specializes in washing boots. Four side brushes and a sole brush keep boot uppers and soles clean.

Selling price/pce : 449.85 CHF excl tax

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